NYNE Edge™ Portable & Handlebar Bluetooth Speaker Unboxing Review @nyneaudio


NYNE Edge™ portable speaker offers unbelievable sound quality, full functionality and well-designed safety features – all in one sturdy package perfect for your road warrior lifestyle. Clamp NYNE’s Edge onto your handlebars, connect it to your device via Bluetooth or NFC touch, and hit the road for an all-day adventure. With a 12-hour rechargeable battery, there is no danger of running out of music or terrain to explore. Boasting a double injection rubber housing and an IPX-5 weather proof design, the Edge is prepared for rain or shine. Don’t worry about bumps and spills – just like you, the Edge can push through to the finish line. If your adventures keep you out past sunset, no worries. Edge’s powerful multi-function LED light, complete with emergency strobe, comes to the rescue. An integrated charging USB port also keeps your phone going for the long haul. A waterproof microphone and convenient on-board controls make hands free calling and music search a snap.