Oct. 21, 2007

Far better it is to dare mighty things to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.—Teddy R.

“We shall never surrender.” – Churchill.

Right now we’re surrounded by a lot of negativity, people going out of business, credit drying up.

Times are challenging. You may sometimes feel like your in the fighting ring and you’ve been beaten down to a pulp. There are times in my life where it seems I’m beat and can barely move even a finger. I wont give up and I’ll catch my 2nd wind to fight my way back.

I once had a partner resign from one of the companies we’d owned. While I was running 3 companies, he’d ran the one he was trusted with, into the ground. He handed it over and said “we wont make payroll at the end of the week and you’ll have to file bankruptcy.”

I chose to never let that happen and never give up. I stepped into a company I didn’t know. I turned it around in 48 hours. We made payroll and the company thrived.

You may sometimes feel beaten up in the ring, but remember this: a lot of people dream to have had the opportunities and privileges you’ve had. In trying you’ve dared more than most would have and you cannot be shamed because in the end you will have grown and learned more about yourself and your life than some people do.

These licenses are becoming harder and harder to get. They are becoming an exclusive privilege to have. Don’t give up. In the near future of a recession, rates are coming down and a new boom will emerge. Most of your competitors will be gone, licensing standards will be harder for entry level people. Which means there will be more business for you in the future. Forget the easy spoiling times. Go back to working as hard as you did when you started this business and…Never surrender.

Get a better life by asking better questions.

Now is the most important time to do a ‘checkup from the head up.’ Give yourself the Who, why, what, and where test. Who are you, Why do you… etc. Realign your self and your goals by re-identifying them and updating your choices and strategy in life. How? Ask better questions.

Don’t ask disabling questions like: Why is it so tough right now? What is the market going down? What you focus on is what you get. Here’s some questions that work for me:

In what ways can I improve my success? What techniques can I utilize?

Sales is a numbers game, how can I improve my numbers and marketing?

What is my overall game plan to be successful in this market?

Am I making enough contacts create that sales I want?

Who is a positive force in my life? Who is negative? Do I have good mentors?

There is business out there, how can I get more of it?

What am I focusing on daily and does it help me work towards success?

Am I getting up early and working late to maximize my day?

What tools can I utilize to better my success?

Am I working my plan? Is my plan working? Does it need to be improved?

Email me with your questions and I’ll post them. Ask yourself better questions—make your life better!