Ohming Technology Charge M.E. Multiport USB 3.0 Hub With Charging Ports Review @Ohming_Tech

Ohming Technology has a number of products in development specifically designed for the charging of mobile electronic devices. The Personal Version, “Charge M.E.”, provides the following benefits:
Four (4) x dedicated power USB ports – up to 2.4A (amps) of current each

Can only be used for charging- no network functionality on dedicated power USB ports
Four (4) x standard USB 3.0 ports – up to 0.9A (amps) of current each

Can charge legacy devices
Compatible with new USB-C ports
Provide networking functionality between four (4) ports and laptop/computer
60W (watts)/12Amps Power adaptor provides consistent charging power from one plug in a standard wall outlet

Ability to charge new models of iPads, iPhones, iPods ,Blackberry, Kindle, Motorola , etc as well as legacy (older) models
Compatible with the new USB-C ports used on new models of many computers and tablets
Does not require a connection to a computer to charge devices
No additional software installations are required for charging to take place
Eight (8) devices can be simultaneously charged from one plug in a standard wall outlet
Provides networking capability* through four (4) USB ports if connected to a computer while maintaining charging functionality in remaining 4 ports
Compact size makes it convenient for home, office, or travel