Orbit Keys & Wallet Bluetooth Trackers Unboxing Review @findorbit

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Find your keys with your phone.
With a press of a button on the app, it will ring your orbit.

Find your phone with your keys
With a press of a button on your orbit, it will ring your phone.

Take a selfie.
The orbit works also as a camera remote for your phone.*
Works only in camera feature built into the app.

Orbit comes with a keyring, an opener tool for battery replacement and a spare battery.

Diameter: 34mm/ 1.33″
Thickness: 9mm/ 0.35″

20g/0.70oz/0.04 lb

*The app utilises Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with your Orbit. The maximum range is 30m/100ft.
Last seen location shown on a map
Replaceable battery (CR2025)
Separation Alarm
Built-in loudspeaker
Battery life up to 6 months
90db loud speaker
Free app on Google Play and the App Store