Pioneer Rayz First Smart Lightning Earphones with Talk & Charge Unboxing Review @pioneerrayz

The Rayz™ App gives you a new level of personalization and control over your Rayz Appcessories; the Worlds first iPhone accessories to blend Apple’s new Lightning Audio technology with integrated software, creating a new generation of earphones that work with your iPhone like nothing before. Rayz Appcessories give you greater capabilities wherever you go; bringing you an array of smart features that go beyond music. Download it now to get started personalizing your Rayz earphones.

With the Rayz App, you can build and save your custom listening profiles. Rayz automatically switches between them as you go from listening to music, taking phone calls, playing games, or watching movies. Additional profile adjustments include:
• Activate custom calibration of Smart Noise Cancelling: Rayz tailors its performance to your ear, and adjusts its noise cancelling to the world around you, so you can focus on the things you want.
• Create custom equalization profiles. Enjoy your music the way you like it. Using a 5 band equalizer, adjust and save the playback profile you want.
• Enable HearThru™ mode: Rayz’ HearThru mode passes ambient sounds through your noise cancelling, for greater awareness of your environment. You can turn it on and off with one touch of button in the app, or through the Rayz Smart Button.
• Enable Autopause: Rayz know when you’re using them. Take them out, and they automatically pause your movie or music. Put them back in and play resumes. The Rayz app gives you the ability to turn this function on or off, so it’s on only when you want it to be.
• Customize the Smart Button functionality: Select from an array of functions for the Smart Button giving you the ability bring up your favorite app, mute/unmute calls, or control features such as Smart Noise Cancelling, and HearThru, conveniently from the Smart Button on your remote. It’s the easiest way to get to the things you love.
• Enable/Disable voice prompts: Turn on or off helpful voice prompts that guide you through set up and feature functions.
• Eco Mode: Activate a lower power setting with Eco Mode; reduce power consumption from your phone by shutting down smart noise cancelling, HearThru, Autopause and voice isolation technology