Pivo Pod One Review


We got a chance to review the Pivo Influencer tripod mount that works with your mobile phone and provides 360 degrees of face and body tracking. Now you dont need a camera person to follow you as you walk around a setting area that you are filming in. Its a smartphone camera mount that offers you to create more engaging videos. Using intelligent auto-tracking and a suite of powerful apps. You can literaly record yourself on video and move around with the camera automatically folling you. It can follow your head, body, dogs, horses with lots of adjustments and they are constantly updating the apps and making it better. The only issue we had was that our phone mic was picking up the gears sound in portrait mode but they are working to improve it and we actually just shot it upside down so we could add bluetooth mics like our DJI mic which sounded great. It worked amazing brilliantly where it will not only follow you but zoom in and out as needed giving you quite the range on the camera. I highly recommend the product and think they have an amazing group of features to offer in the future.

Pivo, a leading developer of AI-technology solutions for content creators, has released the Pivo Influencer. The Pivo Influencer is a smartphone (iOS or Android) tripod mount that provides 360 degrees of face and body tracking. This means that anyone with a smartphone can now create dynamic solo videos that capture their every move. “For too long content creators had to either rely on someone else to hold the camera or rely on a static tripod mount to make their videos,” states Pivo CEO, Ken Kim. “For solo creators, this imposed limitations on their creativity. With the Pivo Influencer, solo content creators now have the power to capture dynamic movement on their own. The Pivo Influencer makes it easy and affordable to create amazing videos as an independent creator.”

The Body Tracking feature built into the Pivo Influencer focuses on your body to quickly react to your every movement. This works well with dance videos, athletic videos, fashion vlogs and presentations. The Face Tracking feature focuses specifically on your face for more intimate content such as makeup tutorials, musical performances, video calls and much more. In addition to the body and face tracking features, the Pivo Influencer also includes Action Tracking which allows you to track almost anything by simply drawing a box on the screen to select your target.

The even have Studio 360 a portable, ready-made studio technology ideal for professional, product-showcase photography.

Pivo Influencer Special Features:

· Intelligent Body and Face Tracking

· Action Tracking Feature

· Auto Zoom for Smooth and Seamless Framing

· Pose Mode for Easy Hands-Free Still Photos

· Connect Mode to Connect with Other Apps like TikTok

· Fun Create Modes to Make Creative Content

· Portable and Light for Travel

· Affordable and Easy to Use