Plugable 12-Outlet Power Strip With 2-Port USB Charger

2 USB charging ports
12 standard US 3-prong grounded power outlets with surge suppression rated to 4320 Joules.
All power outlets have sliding covers
4 of the 12 available outlets accommodate larger “wall wart” style power adapters
6′ and 25′ power cable versions available
Surge Suppression
12 protected power outlets
4320 Joules of protection
2-in-1 power / circuit breaker switch
Built-in EMI/RFI filter
UL/cUL Rated
Technical Specifications
Model PS12-USB2, PS12-USB25
Voltage 120VAC/60Hz (US plugs)
Capacity 15A, 1800 watts
Clamping Voltage 330V
Max Spike Voltage 6,000V
Response Time 1 nanosecond
EMI/RFI Filter Range 150Khz – 100Mhz
EMI/RFI Filter Attenuation 58dB