Powershades Custom Interior & Exterior Motorized Roller Shades Review


The issue my mother’s house has had was having these cheap hanging blinds on her big sliding glass window on her house. They don’t seal out the sweltering heat of the sun that bakes her house and heats the window to a point of blazing heat in her kitchen during the summer and in winter air drafts through the blinds and large space that doesnt touch the floor. Obviously, year round it makes her house uncomfortable, runs up her energy bill and I’ve had to hear about it for years. So we got a chance to review the new Powershades products and decided the best place to install them was at her house. Normally, Powershades has vendors across the country that I recommend you use to professionally install it but we do reviews all the time and sometimes testing how intuitive or easy the product is designed is a great test.

We choose the interior roller blades that come in three styles: Open Roll, Cassette and Fascia. They have exterior blinds, automated or manual as well. We went with Fascia and choose from a large variety of cloths and colors and ordered it customized to size from them. I’m not a guy who’s good with the tools, but it was a fairly easy install for me, a few screws and it was up. The size was perfectly hanging over moulding, but close enough to seal in the air from the window to stop the cold and hot drafts. Because it was now a one piece blind, it literally acts as a barrier to block out the outside exposure. I can see this will have a direct cost saving effect on her energy bill and you can feel the room temperature in her kitchen is now more stabilized. According to Powershades, it will reduce up to 30% of your bill.

The roll can also go down all the way to the floor and she can set it, open or close with the remote or app with a connection to the internet (optional). It has safety settings to keep from over rolling down or up too far. My mom loves it and it looks so much nicer than her old blinds. It even gives her more added privacy that the hanging slat blinds that sometimes dont always close. I highly recommend the product and have been very impressed with the ease of install and the great customer service from the agents at the company. Its a great investment in your home that will improve your experience and pay for itself in energy savings.

Powershade Versions:
Interior Roller Shades
Exterior Roller Shades
Automated or Manual Roller Shades

Interior Styles:

Open Roll Style
A sleek window treatment that fits nearly any theme. With versatile hardware options in matte plastic or anodized aluminum. Can be concealed with a custom top treatment or left uncovered for a minimalist look.

Cassette Style
Ideal for applications with a more traditional design aesthetic. The fabric-wrapped cassette provides a finished look with a fabric matching front. Perfect for most standard-sized windows.

Fascia Style
Brushed aluminum fascia that conceals the fabric roll, this style provides a clean contemporary aesthetic that is great for spaces that require a modern finish.

Automate repetitive tasks
Using PowerShades’ cloud-based MyDashboard you can set the rhythm of your shades to raise and lower to fit your day with customer schedules and quickly heighten the experience of any occasion with your custom pre-set scenes.

Light Control
Transform your home into the sanctuary you’ve always wanted with perfect lighting. Sleep past sunrise with light-blocking shades. Cast a glow with light-filtering shades. Or set your home to a rhythm by scheduling your shades.

Reduce energy consumption up to 30%

A simple task like closing the shades can result in big savings…as long as you remember to do so. With PowerShades you’ll never have to remember. PowerShades raises and lowers your shades according to your custom schedule which results in effortless, passive savings. Good for the earth and your pocketbook.

Child Safety
PowerShades have no pull-strings or dangling pieces that could be a hazard to children and pets.

Increase Security
Open and close your shades remotely or set them on a schedule to appear home when leaving your home vacant.

5 Year Hardware Warranty