PROGO Propane Powered Motor Scooter-Go Clean Kickstarter Review @ProGoscooters


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Propane as an eco-friendly and clean energy option for personal transportation is now a reality. Propane has been being used for fleets of large utility and transportation vehicles for some time now, but has yet to become available for personal transportation. After two years of research and testing, ProGo Recreation, LLC has announced that they are starting production on the PROGO 3000; the first-ever Propane powered scooter.

The PROGO 3000 runs on a standard size 16.4oz propane cylinder, generally used for various camping products and portable grills. Its 25cc 4-stroke engine can reach speeds of 20mph and get up to 40 miles per canister. The surprisingly lightweight travel companion is equipped with a rugged steel frame that folds for convenient carrying and storage; and features an easy-pull start and front and rear disk brakes. Furthermore, the PROGO 3000 is EPA and CARB approved for California, and is legal to ride everywhere that gas scooters are not.


California Legal
Easy pull start
Folds for convenient carrying and storage
No Choke, No priming, and No carburetor gum-up
No winterizing
Rugged steel frame
Front and rear disk brakes
90 day warranty
Technical Specifications

Engine: 25cc 4-stroke
Fuel Type: Propane
Start up: Pull start engine
Acceleration: Thumb Throttle
Brakes: Disk
Tire size: 8inch
Speed: Up to 20 mph
Dry Weight: 35 lbs.
Frame: Steel
Max. Weight: 200 lbs.
Run Time: 2-3 hours/ Up to 40 miles