Puro Sound Labs BT5200 Studio Grade Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Unboxing Review @PuroSoundLabs


Bluetooth Wireless & 24 Hours Battery Life – Wireless freedom up to 30 feet range with Bluetooth 4.0. Listen to music for hours and hours, not worrying about having to recharge. 260 hours standby means even greater convenience.
Durable Aluminum Construction – The aluminum used in the earcups and headband insure the BT5200 headphones will last far longer than competing products made from cheap plastic. They are also lighter and have a higher quality feel.
Ambient Noise Attenuation – Our soft and supple ear cushion design provides amazing comfort while also blocking out 82% of sound at 1 kHz. Translation: There is no need to turn them up to a dangerous level even when in a noisy environment like an airplane.
Healthy Ears® – Volume Limiting Ear Protection (85 dB). Volume limits over 85 dB(A) are known to cause hearing loss over time. Our unique headphones protect your kid’s ears, yet deliver studio grade sound.