Raycop GO UV+ Review


Simple and versatile. For on-the-GO peace of mind. Use UV light with or without a vacuum function so you can safely clean your phone, car and plane seat, hotel room, luggage and more.

Breakaway design for ultra portability
RayClean Technology™
Kill 99.9% of viruses
and bacteria with RayClean UV+.

UV sanitization for any surface. The GO has the power to make any surface safe. Use it on your phone, airplane seat, car seats, luggage, and everything else you’d like to sanitize. The Raycop GO is the first portable vacuum you can dismantle and stow away in your suitcase or under a seat.

H-E-P-A spells trouble for allergens PureAir HEPA Filtration captures 99.97% of common allergens. Dust, dander, bacteria and viruses don’t stand a chance against PureAir HEPA filtration

Allergen Lock
Lite & tight. Allergens stay put.

Other vacuums can expel particles, like dust back into the air through open gaps all over the unit. Raycop vacuums are engineered to a high standard we call Allergen Lock which keeps allergens in, not recirculating throughout your home.

Powerful Motor Smaller and Stronger. The Raycop GO doesn’t compromise on power, cleaning even the smallest particulates as well as our full-sized cordless models.

Additional Features

Optimized Ergonomics
The design of the handle ensures best grip and use, and does not put pressure on the wrist.

Three Operation Modes. Choose between UV only and two different suction modes.

Replaceable Battery
Removable and replaceble battery for long lasting use.

Rinse and Repeat
Washable eco-friendly filters prevent bad odors and dust from building up inside your vacuum.

Instant Empty
One click empty cleans the dust box for maximum suction.

Detachable UV Head
Use the vacuum with or without UV clean any kind of mess.