Recognizing All The Great PR Agencies & Brands That Value Our Audience


Yesterday I got an email from a PR firm giving me a huge thank you for all the work I’ve done with them over the past few years. Its been a great relationship but sadly their client is moving from a PR firm to a Content Marketing firm. Hopefully their client will keep sending us product to review for my audience’s consumption. I love it when PR firms and Companies appreciate the work I’ve done building my audience and reputation for years and value it in high esteem.

Being in this business, especially in the Review area, I work with hundreds of Companies and PR Agencies to bring their information and my evaluations to MY audience. From large agencies like Max Borges to the small ones. The majority of them are professional agencies who set the standard of respecting the fact that it is a PRIVILEGE to get to work with myself and have ACCESS to my relationship with my audience. They see the significance of having information that helps consumers that last for YEARS on our channels.

My inbox is filled with them gushing and thanking me for the torrent of Tweets, retweets and exposure they get from my audience. It doesnt take long for them to realize I’m a bit of an anomaly in the world of bloggers and they shower appreciation on me and my audience by building great solid lasting relationships with me in value that have lasted for years now. I’ve actually had companies cry about how their sales fell when we eventually take their reviews out of our feeds for new ones. My audience floods me with thank yous on their advised buying decisions.

Brilliant companies know the power of working with social influencers and many have the ultimate respect for us as the gatekeepers to our audience and their trust. I turn away or fail crappy products and warn consumers and their trust is the most valuable to me. People that have no respect for the value of my work or audience dont get access.

Recently, Mark Cuban took the expensive investment of his time in recognizing powerful influencers matter by engaging several of us privately over his Cyber Dust app. Even as a billionaire he knows the value of these relationships.

Later this month I’ll be at the Dent Conference bringing photos, video and experience to the light of my audience. Everyone asks me what its about and theres not much video on it, so we intend to document the experience with massive photos and video, so our audience can make educated decisions on going in future years. The folks at Dent, Amex, Buick/GM have shown us great professional respect in working with us and we’re excited by some of the cool content that is “rumored” to might happen to bring to my audience.

All in all I’m blessed to work with great people who hold the work that I do in the highest of regards and respect. They professionally value me in so much as my audience in the highest esteem and they respect that privilege.

Thank you to all of them.