Review of About.Me Social Media Link Site

About.Me is a site that shows and links people on a single page, to your major social media links. It profiles you and your links. I’ve been on it for a few months now and it looks like they have added some analytics of your Twitter account and they sent me some free business cards to pass out to my profile. They do give you analytics to show who clicks your site. Mine is There is a plethora of sites claiming “get in now and reserve your name.” Frankly its a little tiring of a marketing line when almost every site claims that. Technically you can use Google Profiles and a few other sites to do the same thing. I do have to say the Twitter analytics are cool in showing you who your top influencers are. But you probably know that.

With sites like this you cant do much with them thats fun and interactive, so I dont see it staying on peoples frequented list. For networking I prefer Linkedin. But About.Me does make it so you can make a cool background too and market yourself in that manner if you like. Its a little bit more image based marketing. Thanks and for the free business cards with my background on them. All in all its a nice site. I think some of the things they have done so far, if they keep adding features will be great.