Review of Click Fun Social Gaming App

I’ve been playing with Click Fun for the PC via Facebook, although I’m sure the pc version is just as cool as the mobile version. I’m not into casino games, but I’ve really enjoyed this one. I would rank it top in both casino and social gaming.

The graphics and sounds are off the chart, along with a superior gameplay, including a competitive edge that just makes you keep playing. You are able to compete against all of your friends and family, and the best part about it all; it is all free to play.

Click Fun Social Play

Click Fun is still in its development stages, and is continuously new features, levels and hidden games. Its main different compared to your average online game is the fact it is a social gaming app. This overall means you, play against real people within the social media world, along with making new friends along the way.

The app now also includes a friend finder feature, which allows you to find new Click Fun friends, and the more friends you have, the more gifts you can receive.

Game Play
Click Fun has over 500 levels, each level with a different theme and goal, with additional themes added on a monthly basis.

The 1st game is Alley Cats, which allows you to win big if you are a bowling expert, with the capabilities of been able to play with their own rules – gee whiskers!

Other games include Snow Honeys, which involves skiing the cold Alps of Switzerland, along with many snow ball fights with friends along the way. Another good adventure is a visit to a grand circus with a twist: you have to perform for the circus!

Further into the game, at level 65, you get to take some of the fastest fighter jets into the sky, whilst earning extra points for successfully completing various tasks.

Overall, there is a game theme for everyone, whether it be a funny trip to a circus, to skiing, through to flying planes. There is also a new game: Alaskan Fishing, which is great fun for all that like to fish, whilst also been fun for everyone else with many extra adventures…

Visit the Click Fun website now to play for free, with no need to download anything.