Review of Diaspora Social Network Facebook Competitor

If you remember in mid-2010 Facebook was hit with a scandal about changes it made in privacy that upset many people. Out of that Diaspora was born as a new open source, “you own your own stuff” Facebook competitor. It was said Zuckerburg even pledged some funding for it. They have been launched for some time now and been growing.

I recently got on the site. Amazingly it was launched before Google+ but it gives you the impression that Google+ plus might have wholesale ripped it off. I’m not kidding. Except for the pretty stuff on Google+, Hangouts and Circles it LOOKS, FEELS AND OPERATES like a stripped down Google+. Even down to the button functions. Its still missing stuff like post edit, mute and a few minor things Google+ has. I actually felt at home on Diaspora because its so much like G+.

Personally, I really like it. Its very homey and the site does say Alpha so its obvious its in development, you cant be too judgmental. There are no noisy Facebook Ads up in your face and there is a nice quiet area for donations if you like all the way down to buying them a coffee. To quote from their site: “Diaspora wants to enable you to own your own data and enjoy the open web in a social way. It’s not about killing G+ or FB. It’s about enabling users to own their own social data and have the choice to use any service they want, which will force the walled gardens to provide better services, lest their users leave and take their own data to other services online that provide these for them.” -Yosem Companys.

Like Google+ Circles you can make your own categories and lists. One thing that is very cool is you can follow # Hastag topics you want to view. It links into Facebook so you can email your friends invites. It even plays animated gifs! Its has an easy section to get to if you ever want to download your data, pictures and leave. No hidden delete profile button.

It would also appear they are open to communicating back and forth with everyone on features and changes they are making. One interesting thing I’m told: There are NO friend limits. I like it and very impressed. Right now it has a very quiet intimate feel to it. Check it out, you’re welcome to email me for invites at ChrisVoss11 on Gmail.