Review of Moo Online Business Cards

I got a acquainted with Moo through the website. As a promotion they sent me a free set of business cards with my About.Me background to promote myself with along with a QR code to my website. Not only does Moo have a cool site and great products, the experience level was simple and seamless.

Part of this post has to do with experience and product packaging. You can see by the picture I was mailed a cool little fun box which opened up to a cool engaging presentation with my cards. Now being an entrepreneur I was impressed. I’ve ordered tens of thousands of cards for employees. They come in lifeless plain white boxes that have no personality. No thank you or inducement to buy again. Moo’s box was different and a fun little experience. It wasnt just about delivering a product it was about giving and experience that builds relationships. I would highly recommend them for business cards and will likely order my next set there.