Review of Playboys iPad Site Featuring Every Playboy Issue Ever

Playboy recently put every issue on a specialized site designed for the iPad. I’ve been a fan of Playboy all my life although I quit subscribing in the 2000’s. I’ve collected cases of Playboy and many times was never getting to read them. Maxim took some fire away from them also at the time. Playboy has not only been about women, its been about high class living. Its also been about music, racial tolerance and freedom. Some people mistake that Playboy is about nudity. Its not. I grew up brainwashed in a religious cult. Women were thought of as lesser creatures. Sex was evil. Many of us come from that repressive age. Playboy helped me see a new vision of women and how to live your life. Playboy supported womens rights and the ERA. The expansive Playboy interviews even to this day are incredible reads. Many of them had indelible impacts on my life and thinking. Playboy has represented Class and always stayed ahead of the times in popular culture.

I subscribed to the new iPad portal although you can also access directly online. The experience is rich and beautiful. Its worth the $8 just to go in and look around. They have done an incredible job putting it together. The first thing I wanted to see, was to read the issue from the month of my birth year. Reading old Playboy is a nostalgic walk through interesting eras, times and changes in culture. I put some pics below that are fun to see from the 1968 issue. The Panasonic one is kind of funny given the technology I’m reading it on. Kinda makes you laugh at the way the world was. Its also fun because there seemed to be so much innocence. One great interview I found was with Fidel Castro in 1967. Even the nudes in older Playboy look like classy works of art, far removed from the brazen styles of pornography common nowadays. Its fun to go page through the magazines the first year they came out.

Technologically its well designed. Indiscreetly you’ll see quiet yellow hyper links come up and you can literally easily skip around the magazine. I used to hate reading an article and it would end referring to find the rest of it a hundred or so pages back. Now you can touch and goto the page. You can read it in portrait or landscape mode but portrait seems to be better on the graphics. Whats nice is at the edges of the pages to the right and left you can touch them and it will turn the page. Zoom in and out capabilities are there as is the ability to use your power and home button to store a picture. While you are paging through the magazine you will see the edges of the before and after pages on the side, smartly if you stay on the page for a few seconds, they fade out. You can search all the interviews if you like. Very Nice. Overall they did an excellent job.

Whether I’ll keep the subscription up remains to be seen. I dont like the new Playboy and lets face it you buy this to access to all the old ones to see the old stuff. Maybe remember the old thrill of memories from another time. I do like that I can flip faster through the pages, that static stuff used to drive me crazy. I’ll update later but with The Daily iPad App I’ve kept my subscription for that, so maybe this is a new era.

Heres the link, goto it on your iPad web browser: