Review of Rdio Music Online Music Player

A bunch of players have been expanding in the music online market. Google Music (beta), Spotify and Rdio.

I love both Google Music and Spotify. Spotify’s sharing ability makes it very cool and both services picked up my over 15,000 songs library.

Rdio does have some of the cooler looking user interface styles and seemingly a couple more features than Spotify and Google Music. Rdio is the only one with an iPad App. BUT, I was severely disappointed when Rdio could only identify and use 1/2 my library of songs. Actually not even half, out of 15,000 songs only 6800. Not exciting.

With Rdio you have to pay for the service just like Spotify. While it seems like a great service and I’d suggest maybe you try their free 7 day trial to see how it does for you. For me not having access to 1/2 my music library, deciding whether to pay for Spotify over Rdio was easy. Hopefully Rdio can improve in the future, they have a great setup if they can get me access to my songs.