Ruthie Live Blog Review of Chris Voss

Ruthie Live Blog did a review on me and was very gracious. Be sure to check out her blog:

“Chris Voss Show!

In true Ruthie style, just very laid back I want to share with you my friend Chris Voss! I met Chris via Twitter his twitter I D is and I was just so impressed. Top notch all the way. I had requested a interview with him and he was so warm and receptive. I was able reach him in Los Vegas via the phone. He came highly recommended to me via Sebastian, the young man taking the Ford social media events by storm via the Ford Fiesta Movement which is bringing Ford big bucks through Social Media as Sebastian is working hard with his sales team to make this happen for Ford. Chris is the leader of the pack as far as sharing what is happening in social media through his show He is a favorite on twitter with his tips, and wit with other peeps. As a social media princess going from site to site making friends I felt like I had died and gone to heaven being able to talk social media with someone of Chris’ status. He has trained top notch celebs for social media. The Chris Voss show is out of this world! Chris and I discussed Buzz, twitter, Facebook, strategies, problems etc.. in the social media realm and he was right on target. I just wanted to wet your whistle where Chris was concerned as now I am hooked you will see more blogs and thought on Chris as I’m hooked. If you are serious about social media he’s a must . Everyday take the time check into his show. What I liked about Chris was he was so down to earth and even though he is a big famous guy he talked to me like I was his sister. Hurray for Chris. He does have consulting help to help train and develop those who are serious about social media and is involved in Tweetmeets Awesome awesome! Need I say more check out his site for yourself !”