Saddleback Leather Thirteener Thin Leather Briefcase Review

This slim leather laptop bag was designed without a single breakable part and reinforced with extra stitching, rivets or hidden polyester strips that don’t stretch. In some places on the briefcase, all three reinforcements are there. Only 3 large pieces of leather make up the body of the laptop bag to minimize the number of stitches in the bag. Each time a sewing needle pokes through the leather, it actually starts a tear. So the fewer holes the better. And we only allow 5 stitch holes per inch for strength. The closer they are in a leather laptop bag, the more like a perforation the line of holes become.

Leather – Thick full grain leather, which is the highest grade of hide you can buy, to make all of our leather laptop bags. The grain is the toughest and most water resistant part of the hide and is only on the top part. So when companies sand or split off the top part of the hide to get rid of scars and blemishes so they don’t have to cut around them and throw that leather in the trash. That is the equivalent of taking the shingles off of the roof. But they save a lot of money making a briefcase. We just cut around them and throw the expensive leather in the trash.

Lining – But if that isn’t enough strength, we lined the leather laptop briefcase with pigskin, which is more durable than the full grain leather.

Thread – And then sewed it all together with a thick and strong industrial grade Polyester thread. The reason we go with Polyester instead of Nylon is because nylon deteriorates when the sun hits it and Polyester doesn’t. It’s really strong.

Hardware – 316 Stainless Steel hardware is definitely overkill, but I tell you this, you will never have a problem with your briefcase because of the hardware. If your life needed to depend on a piece of hardware, you’d want it to depend on it.

This thin leather laptop bag is their smallest briefcase and wide enough to fit any 13” MacBook Pro or laptop. The 2019 15″ Macbook Pro fits in the main compartment, but not in the soft laptop sleeve pocket inside. Two flatter front pockets to fit a charger, pens, cables, and papers. There aren’t a lot of features and functionality, but that’s on purpose. It’s kind of just a simple briefcase.

Product Details
Free Shipping
100 Year Warranty
14 ¼” W x 10” H x 2 ½” D (add ½” depth for the front pockets and compartment.
4 lbs
Interior key strap