Sengled Boost WI-FI Extending Led Bulb Unboxing Review @Sengledusa


LED + Wi-Fi Repeater

Say goodbye to internet black zones in your home with the ingenious Sengled Boost. With each bulb you connect, the range of your wi-fi is increased. More bulbs means more places to enjoy your content without worrying about slower speeds. And don’t forget, they’re great at illumination too.

Conventional fixing and installation. Easy to setup with extended Wi-Fi signal coverage. Two built-in antennas supporting high speed data throughput rate up to 300Mbps. Compatible with all smart devices which support Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.11b/g/n standard at 2.4GHz. Individual as well as collective switching and dimming control of LED lights. Boost Android or iOS App to explore detailed features. – See more at: