Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Bungie Launch Day 1 Is a MASSIVE FAIL in Embarrassing Errors & Disaster Spectacle

Day 1 of Shadowkeeps launch is a massive mega fail of servers, error codes, cues, etc. In one of the most embarrassing first days, I have ever seen from Bungie, a multi-billion dollar company cant even launch right even with 24 hours of downtime prep. How is it that a company of this size and experience cant have enough servers and be able to wipe their own ass on game launch? I’m just astounded. Players were met on PC & PS4 (we don’t play Xbox) with seemingly every error code in the book, limited servers, cue lines and what gameplay they were able to play was sketchy with constant booting from the game. After hours of cues, game kicks on errors, most of my clans and friends just gave up trying to play the game and left. For a launch that needed to repair Bungie’s image of fucking things up the blew their chance to get things right and Shadowkeep just went horribly off the deep end. Once again driving people away from the game to play on more stable game developers. And you wonder why Fortnite is so popular?

Activision must be rolling on the floor laughing after Bungies spectacular mega fail on Day 1 launch of Shadowkeep. For a long time, people thought Activision was the problem with Bungie’s massive fuckups that were behind D2 destroying the D1 community and player base and other failures of astoundingly ignorant choices by the developer. Every time someone brings the suggestion to me that Activision was the problem, I reply with: who knows we’re about to find out if the problem was Bungie or Activision. Evidently, missing the “Activision adults” in the room, Bungie can’t even launch a game properly on their own.

I’m astounded at what a shit show of a fail it is. For all the game launches and failures, Bungie has clearly learned little. Maybe its time to crawl back to Activision and beg them to take them back.