Silent Pocket Samsung Anti-Radiation RFID Secure Fold Over Wallet Review @silentpocket

Key Features:

Smooth, supple Genuine Napa leather that is made to withstand years of daily use
Elegant folio style case that deflects and absorbs radiation
4 credit card slots
1 billfold holder behind card slots
All ports accessible
RFID / NFC Secure
Additional shielding that blocks cell phone radiation to the body, which includes Thermal Radiation (heat) & Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF)
This product does not inhibit or block wireless signals for cell phone operation such as cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS.
Why Do I Need This RFID Samsung S7 Phone Wallet?

Hackers can skim the sensitive data off of your credit/debit cards and passport.
Thieves can clone your office access badge in under 3 seconds using a $10 device!
Samsung phone protection is paramount in today’s digital age.