Skyroam Solis X WiFi Smartspot Review

This is from, the Skyroam Solis X, Wi-Fi smart spot. Ever wanted to roam around 135 plus countries around the world, but your phone service won’t go there? Or maybe you maybe you’re a kid who plays games at home and you’re tired of sharing the Wi-Fi with your family? Or you just don’t want to use the data plan that you have with your current phone? These guys make it easy and affordable to be able to have 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot with blazing fast speeds in 130 plus countries.

The great thing about this is it’s multi-functional. There’s a power bank is built inside of it for 4700 milliamp hours, a USB-C outlet for on the go charging, you can share up to 10 devices on the hotspot Wi-Fi. So you can use your laptop, phone, tablet, and share with others. Its got a smart assistant on it, where you can fully customize smart actions with just a tap. And it’s got a remote camera and eight-megapixel wide-angle lens to capture pics and live stream.

So it’s a beautiful hotspot Wi-Fi companion that you can easily throw in your pocket, your backpack, your purse, wherever you’re traveling, you just turn it on, and away you go you using just the amount of data that you need. If you use different internet calling apps as I do such as Google Voice, you can make calls using your data plan on Solis X. I do that all the time. There are different plans where you can buy day passes monthly plans, per gigabyte plans, you just pick what works for you, and it integrates with their Skyroam mobile app.

On the app you can monitor your data, see what’s going on, how much you’re using, purchase new data, etc. And you don’t have to sit and flip through SIM cards, which is another nice thing as well. If you do travel sometimes you have to flip through SIM cards, put this one in, pull this one out or have a phone that has two SIM cards in it. What’s nice is with the Skyroam’s patented vsim technology inside of it, it works with all local international data plans. Secure connection, flat rates, fast global Wi-Fi, and 135 plus countries. It’s easy to just throw in your pocket and off you go. I’ve been enjoying it. We’ve been using it for the past month, we’ll probably use it for traveling for The Chris Voss Show in the future for when we do events, I highly recommend it.

4G LTE WiFi – Blazing fast speeds locally and in 130+ countries
Remote Camera – 8MP, wide-angle lens to capture, record, and live-stream
Smart Assistant – Fully customizable smart actions with just a tap
The Ultimate Smart WiFi Companion – Do more from anywhere with super-fast, pocket-sized, secure WiFi and integrated smart features – all easily controlled by the Solis WiFi App