SnuggBuds WET! Waterproof Headset Unboxing Review @Snuggbuds


WET! model is waterproof and designed to stay in when running! Designed for active people, WET! not fail due to sweat, water contact or moisture penetration. Amazing surround sound speakers keeps your music coming even when you are in the water!

With only a size 9mm single driver, this headset carries a high-level 104db speaker that can be submerged in three feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Testing shows greater numbers, but SnuggBuds Headsets design-staff opted to stress a more conservative range. The soft, silicone tips provide excellent comfort and truly isolate ambient noise interference. Additionally, the tear-drop casing design holds extremely well in the exposed outer ear area when either swimming (while connected with a waterproof device) or running. WET! comes in two color options; aqua blue and black or hot pink and white.

Speakers clear with great bass, perfect mids, and clear highs
Waterproof sport headset
Designed to stay in and not fail due to sweat, water contact, or moisture
Amazing surround sound speakers that will impress you