“SOCIAL BUSINESSES are the future” says #CSMNY @Usefulsocialmedia


Social media is embarking on a revolution and in the process changing how we companies operate. The power of social media is building a new type of business – social business. Brands are starting to embed social media into everything that they do from employee training and product performance to recruitment and customer advocacy.

Businesses that understand and are evolving with this change are reaping the rewards it brings. On June 16-17th

from leading global brands to share their ideas and experiences. Rather than evangelists or gurus on the stage, the event comprised just corporate pioneers to lead the discussion about what actually works.

Fortunately for those who missed the event, they have just produced a free E-Book outlining the Top 10 findings and ideas from #CSMNY. http://bit.ly/CSMNY_ebook

The E-book includes:

• 10 key findings shared across the two days

• 5 insightful thoughts from the expert, C-suite and VP-level corporate speakers on the pressing social media priorities

• 8 top tweets from the Summit – sharing some of the most ground-breaking ideas presented by the speakers and delegates

You can download the E-Book for free here: http://bit.ly/CSMNY_ebook

Hope this helps, and any questions or queries, feel free to contact Jack Edgar – the director of the conference – on the below info.

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Project Director

Useful Social Media

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