Social Media Gets Pepsi’s Money over Super Bowl

Recently, its been reported Pepsi is moving their Super Bowl advertising money to Social Media. To me this is another huge sign showing the power of Social Media and the future of Internet power. More and more people are leaving behind the TV and turning to the internet, even to watch TV. Why? Because the internet has finally come up to video speed and lets face it, the internet is much more interactive and customizable in experience, to just a TV blasting at you.

Is Pepsi crazy? I’ve always thought $3 million for a 30 second ad is crazy. Let alone the $20 Million in ads they are diverting. Thats alot of Pepsi. I recently read that a majority of TV ads are ROI money losers and are really for building brand in the end. So it makes sense to me. In the companies I’ve owned, we’ve always gone for mass saturation advertising, over trying to hit narrow costly objectives. In my experience we did better and it was more cost effective per lead.

Its a sign Social Media is coming of age. Social Media is interactive and an experience. TV is walking dead. As computerized new generations wash away the old TV generations, its demise is ever imminent. Everything is moving to the Web. If your a business person who hasn’t gotten into the power of Social Media as a future for your business, keep hanging out with the “TVasaur.” A business that isn’t growing and learning new tricks is dying. Everything changes, even if you don’t.

What do you think of Pepsi’s decision?

Link: ABC News