SocialCam iPhone Android App – Awesome for Sharing Videos

I’ve been playing with the App SocialCam and I really love it! Its like the Instagram of Video. The iPhone App Path has tried to do this but with their limited friends its ineffective. SocialCam makes it so I can record video and share it with my friends, namely on Facebook. I can easily tag Facebook friends as the video uploads. I think this can be a huge hit!

In it you can see a stream of your friends videos and then a section of your own that you’ve uploaded. Whats neat is instead of just one still frame showing on the unplayed video to attract people to hit play, they have have 4 boxes on the still frame giving your viewer more enticement to play the video. You can forward them also to Twitter, Facebook, Email and SMS, making sharing fun to all your friends. I love it, I’m over typing on Twitter and either programs like this or HeyTell audio programs are the future. I look forward to when they add features like being able to import video you already recorded elsewhere etc.