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– How do I generate actionable insight from my social data?

– How do I heighten meaningful engagement through my content strategy?

– How do I accurately measure my social media efforts in order to sharpen my performance?

Using social media to truly understand and get closer to your customer is no easy task, which is why it is one of the core themes of this year’s Corporate Social Media Summit San Francisco:

To tackle these critical issues, we have hand-picked C-suite executives, VP’s and heads of Social, Marketing and Comms from America’s biggest brands (Best Buy, IBM, Southwest Airlines, Wells
Fargo, Sprint, Kellogg’s, Intel, NBC and many more)

No evangelist’s or gurus… just actionable insight from senior corporate leaders, 100% focused on the corporate priorities outlined by you and your peers.

See how these leading executives will be tackling the critical challenges and opportunities in 2015, by downloading the free Summit program here:

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