Chris Voss Special Happy Holidays Message 2010

I’d like to offer everyone a Special Holiday Message to all my friends out there. I’ve very honored and blessed that you have shared in this last years journey with me. I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart and sincerely wish you the most joyous, wonderful, Happy Holidays for you and your loved ones. I hope that you are blessed with an abundance of joy, happiness and excitement for life.

This first year of has been great, Alexa ranks the site as in the Top 26,000 U.S. websites. At 50,000 Pageviews Monthly we are blessed. Considering, its given a backseat to time we spend on our clients marketing, thats not bad. Thank you for being there and supporting our efforts, we couldnt have done it without you!

No matter where you are in you’re life, remember this, always focus on the most important PEOPLE in your life. Some “things” you can live without, some “People” you cant – CELEBRATE life with them. While the Holidays are rife with commercialism, remember, its the giving of OURSELVES that matter the most. Some of the best things you can share with the people around you is YOURSELF. Material things dont matter as much as sharing your love and positiveness on your family and the world. Pay it forward and make the world a better place. Set some new goals this New Years! Set your sights on a bright and prosperous 2011. I wish you all the best and may you’re journey be filled with a great future. I’m very thankful for all of you.

Be Blessed.

Chris Voss