Steve Jobs Incredible Brand Marketing Video

This is a great video for talking about selling Brands. Many companies over think and oversell in Marketing. He talks about some of the really great Brands. If you think about them, they sell feelings, images of experience and perception. In Ads, Coke doesnt list its ingredients and tell you why its better than Pepsi. It sells an experience of smiling happy people. Most people dont buy a car for the features and benefits, they buy if it will make them look cool and accepted.

Steve talks about how to SIMPLIFY your Brand message. We could all learn from this. He talks about the “soul” of a company. Keep in mind the success of Apple is that the company INTERNALLY lives and breathes by the same principals they market. They are just selling BS.

People dont buy products and services…they buy the feelings and experiences they may get from them.

At 1:45 he talks about Nike.

At 3:25 in the video he talks about what Apple’s message is to the world. Listen how its NOT about selling products.