#StopOnlineHate Day

Today January 12th, 2010, @FilmLadd have launched a campaign to make #stopthehate, a Trending Topic and a cause to get people to focus on not Tweeting hate on Twitter (or the net for that matter). As most people know I fully support this as I have promoted this very subject often, even been attacked for supporting it.

Its interesting to me that people want to be environmentalists and have a healthy positive environment. Some people want to have healthier things in our bodies that is positive for our bodies. I think people need a term to be created like Positivalist (lol) or something, who want a positive environment in their own head and world. Hate in our world is the cause of crime and violence in our society and if you love your kids and want them to grow up in a safe world, this is a good cause.

Recently, someone was murdered over Tweeting hate (Link). Some people think being overly sarcastic is funny but unless you mark it with an lol or smile, its looks ugly. The world doesn’t need more ugliness and people don’t know your joking. When your sarcastic to people in an unfunny way, you show your jealousness that they are doing more than yourself and you hate how it mirrors back your laziness. It shows people have nothing better to do with their empty lives. Instead of mocking people and pointing out criticism go create something and contribute to the world. You’ll never find a statue made for a critic, only leaders and creators get awarded. Do something more with life. UPDATE: More recently a snide remark on Twitter put someone in Jail over the Terrorist Act. Its real important more than ever to be careful what you say online.

The disgraces of Humanity are lined with its penchant for Hate. Over time we have moved from despotism to an educated society. Its time to rise above the emotions of self-loathing, that causes hate and work together logically. Its time to quit circulating hate in our environments and online. Lets work together. Help us promote this cause by tweeting your support with the #stoponlinehate hashtag today and lets make the world a little better place.

You can see their site at:

UPDATE – THEY ARE CONVERTING THIS CAMPAIGN OVER TO: which address Hate against all peoples. They are working on this new project so until then I’ll be promoting as I can as #StopOnlineHate. Please help me Retweet. I’d like to see a monthly campaign on this every month on the 15th where we make it a trending topic. Who’s with me.