The Axle Workout Bundle Review

We got to review the Axle Bundle that works with their website and mobile app that you can use to maximize its use. It’s a full program with much support for utilizing the Axle bundle with video and booked meetings. With the bundle, you get the barbell, 2 weights, clasps, foot attachments, the two wheels, a pump and a travel bag.

The interesting thing about the axle product is the versatility of how you can use it in so many ways. Not only can you use it as a normal barbell and add weights to it, but with the wheels you can use it for a variety of different workouts, stretches and with the foot attachments almost a never ending variation of what you can do.

Being able to transport it in the travel bag makes it very versatile to take it on the go or breakdown to put away, for example, under a bed or closet when not in use. It’s great for anyone and even my 79-year-old mother took to using it for doing light lifting. With the wheels, it makes it easier to support and use with no weight bench holder for it. Even if you are a power gym goer like myself, you can use these to do slow rep isolation burns or add more weight for a power workout.

The range of different exercises, including aerobic, is quite vast. Considering what normal home gym setups can run, it’s priced well and, unlike a home gym, you can travel with this. Overall, highly recommend the product and the app, trainer and video workout support does a wonderful job making it a complete workout product.