The Chris Voss Show Amazing Resource for Social Media Entrepreneurs

Thanks to Dawn Marrs for her gracious Blog Post on my site – Be sure to check out her great site! Read her full post at

Some Excerpts: Every once in a while I come across a true gem – a site, service or personality that’s truly worth telling others about. I’ve found all three in The Chris Voss Show. …I found the information useful, insightful and laid-out in any easy to understand format. I liked it enough to drop what I was doing, grab a note pad, and watch another four or five more of Chris’ video blogs. By the end of the hour I had reprioritized my entire task list, had about six new blog ideas written down, and felt ready to take on the internet world, armed with my new-found knowledge. …I think what I like best about Chris Voss is his willingness to share the wisdom of his experiences – from his humble beginnings…With his down-to-earth style, Chris helps the would-be entrepreneur understand the importance of business model, and the simple truth that not everyone fits every model.

The Chris Voss Show has something for everyone who would learn to better use social media – you don’t have to be a network marketer to benefit from his wisdom. Chris’ video blog covers topics from time management, to business strategy to social media advertising. We would all do well to take a page from this guy’s book.”