The Chris Voss Show – My Favorite Black Friday Deals!

Heres my hand picked top Black Friday deals I highly recommend you pickup. Two are a few bucks and one is FREE!

1. When I wrote my book, I needed lots of editing help. I found something FAR BETTER than Grammerly so many people use. I found ProWritingAid. It’s 1000 times better and you’ll love it. It will really help you achieve better writing with tons of suggestions that will make you a better writer. Cancel your Grammerly and grab this deal. Normally, the service is $20 a month, so the lifetime price here is a KILLER deal. Grab it at:

2. Grab my inspiring book on Leadership from my 35 years of being a serial entrepreneur with stories and lessons you won’t learn anywhere else.

3. FREE! – It may be free but it will pay off in $$ dividends from the incredible guests and learning you’ll achieve. Plus, some people think I’m funny, so warning, you might laugh too hard.

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