The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Adrian Knight, Acquisition Entrepreneur and Business Turnaround Expert

Adrian Knight, Acquisition Entrepreneur and Business Turnaround Expert

Show Notes
About The Guest(s):

Adrian Knight is an acquisition entrepreneur and business turnaround expert. He has successfully bought and sold multiple businesses, using his skills to build a multi-million dollar children’s education group. Adrian is also an accomplished endurance athlete, participating in events such as the Spartan World Championships and running across countries like Scotland and England.


Adrian Knight, an acquisition entrepreneur and business turnaround expert, joins Chris Voss on the show. Adrian shares his journey of overcoming personal struggles and finding his authentic self. He discusses his passion for endurance events and how they have transformed his life. Adrian also talks about his expertise in buying and selling businesses, offering insights into the process and the importance of understanding the motivations of sellers. He emphasizes the need for authenticity and moral alignment in business transactions.

Key Takeaways:

Adrian Knight turned his life around by prioritizing personal development and well-being.
Buying businesses with no money is possible by understanding the motivations of sellers and finding alignment.
Turning around struggling businesses often involves addressing toxic employees and making necessary changes.
Creating time and space for personal growth and self-care can have a profound impact on overall well-being.
Adrian Knight offers mindset and life coaching services, helping individuals improve their lives and achieve their goals.


“I wanted to get involved in this whole new world that I was encountering on the other side of becoming a dad.”
“Buying a small business is about being human and understanding the motivations of the seller.”
“Quite often, the problems in small businesses stem from the owners themselves.”
“Creating time and space for yourself costs nothing and can be incredibly powerful.”
“I’ve helped guide people in applying this philosophy, and it’s been really eye-opening.”


Adrian Knight is an accomplished acquisition entrepreneur, adventurer, and endurance athlete.

Adrian buys and sells businesses for a living and has used his acquisition skills to build a multi-million children’s education group from the ground up in less than 3 years.

Adrian spent almost a decade travelling the world in an attempt to run away from his addictions and inner demons. It was only when he started to be true to his authentic self and prioritized his personal development and well-being, that his life started to turn around.

In 2022, Adrian ran/cycled/kayaked across Scotland, then in March 23’ he participated in a multi-day endurance event in the Arctic Circle. In June 23’ he ran across Northern England and in November 23’ he is competing in the Spartan World Championships (in Sparta, Greece). In March 24’ Adrian is on a 14-day Jungle expedition across Panama.

Today, Adrian leaves the running of his Children’s Education Group to others, while he spends his time working on his own personal growth and mindset, which he undoubtedly recognizes as the secret sauce to his business and endurance success to date.