The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Andrew Morton, CEO of Bloom Health Partners

About Bloom:

Bloom Health Partners, the national occupational health and health-technology company that’s had a huge hand in helping Fortune 500 companies, schools, Hollywood productions, and sporting events, safely reopen. To date, Bloom has built custom covid testing programs for the likes of PepsiCo, Six Flags (all 22 parks in North America), American Airlines, Amazon Studios, Netflix, Apple Studios, Viacom, Live Nation, and many others.

With a new wave of pandemic uncertainty brought about by the Omicron variant, discussions around vaccine and testing mandates, an abundance of new home Covid testing options, I wanted to offer up interviews with Bloom’s CEO, Andrew Morton. He can help shed light on what the future of work, school, and entertainment might look like, based on Bloom’s proven track record. He can also discuss the importance of implementing ongoing testing programs across industries, as new variants continue to surface.

Morton was formerly CEO of Maitri Health Technologies—a global healthcare supply platform out of Canada—and oversaw the acquisition of Bloom Health by Maitri in July 2021. The $20 million deal, which brought together Maitri’s innovative cloud strategy for safe workplaces and Bloom Health’s occupational health system, has proven successful in helping organizations of all types return to work intelligently and maintain long-term operations.

Bloom’s founder and CEO Andrew Morton launched the company at the onset of the pandemic when covid testing was scarce and inconvenient, and the outlook for the economy was incredibly bleak. The company now has the resources to scale their development of pop-up modular testing laboratories, which gives them the control and flexibility necessary to carry out workable covid plans for clients across a range of industries.

Additionally, in November, they announced a first-of-its-kind partnership with Montgomery Public Schools, the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH), the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE), and the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Public Health, to offer free and voluntary COVID-19 testing for students, faculty and staff.