The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Art of Tea: A Journey of Ritual, Discovery, and Impact By Steve Schwartz

Art of Tea: A Journey of Ritual, Discovery, and Impact By Steve Schwartz

Have you ever wished the world would just stop for a minute?

What if it could?

As a teenager, Steve Schwartz lived in 24/7 survival mode, going hungry whenever he couldn’t find enough work to pay for a school lunch. At the age of eighteen, he nursed his dying mother through the final stages of terminal cancer.

His mother’s death launched him on a journey to the far reaches of the world, where he discovered a passion for the ancient, calming rituals of tea.

Fascinated by the craft, he voyaged with sages and tea gurus around the globe, sourcing in far-flung fields and developing award-winning blends along the way, turning that passion into world-renowned teas.

Join Steve, the founder of Art of Tea, as he reveals the surprising true story behind its international success. Learn how he grew a tiny tea concept into partnerships with brands like Wolfgang Puck, Caesars Palace, Disney, and Vera Wang, all through the timeless ritual of tea itself-and its mysterious ability to carve small pockets of peace into modern life.

About the Guest(s):
Steve Schwartz is the founder and master tea blender of Art of Tea, a handcrafted tea purveyor based in Los Angeles. He is also the bestselling author of “Art of Tea: A Journey of Ritual, Discovery, and Impact” and an expert in Ayurvedic traditions. Steve’s passion for combining herbs and botanicals was deeply influenced by his studies at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico and his personal journey following his mother’s battle with cancer. His company, Art of Tea, sources the top 1-2% of tea leaves and botanicals from around the world to create award-winning tea blends.

Notable Quotes:
“Stories are the owner’s manual to life.” – Chris Voss
“I found the school in New Mexico called the Ayurvedic Institute and fell in love with the alchemy, blending herbs and teas and botanicals.” – Steve Schwartz
“The beauty behind tea is, when you’re making a high-quality tea, 97 to 98% of that is water.” – Steve Schwartz
“Imagine, getting a bag of unsalted unflavored chips. So on the top of the bag you get these beautiful uniform shapes, right? Well, that’s what we source in tea.” – Steve Schwartz
“Incorporating a seven-minute tea ritual in your day can significantly enhance your time management and focus.” – Steve Schwartz