The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Attorney Edwin Schwartz, on How To Reinvent Yourself and Your Career at Any Age

Attorney Edwin Schwartz, on How To Reinvent Yourself and Your Career at Any Age

Here are 5 key points summarizing the podcast conversation between Chris Voss and Edwin Schwartz:

Edwin reinvented his career and life at age 40 by quitting his high-pressure car sales job to attend law school, motivated by wanting to spend more time with his young twin daughters.

Edwin got sober from alcohol addiction in his early twenties after getting suspended from college, recognizing alcohol was causing problems in his life.

During the Covid pandemic, Edwin got inspired to transform his fitness after seeing his daughters’ athleticism and wanting to set a good example. He lost fat and built muscle with help from a social media fitness coach.

Edwin serves on the board of a nonprofit promoting prostate cancer awareness, after his fit friend and coach was diagnosed with prostate cancer despite no symptoms. He stresses the importance of men getting prostate checks.

Edwin emphasizes that it’s never too late to reinvent your life and make big changes – he quit a lucrative car sales career in his forties to become a lawyer and improve his health and fitness as a dad.


After 15 years in a high-pressure sales environment, I quit my six-figure job at age 40 to attend law school and I never looked back. I talk about making big shifts in both career and fitness as well as being a parent, how you are the example your kids follow (good or bad). You only have one life…live it! Every. Second. Counts.