The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Awakening: A Journey from Medication to Meditation by Karina Cury

Awakening: A Journey from Medication to Meditation by Karina Cury

Let the story of Karina’s resilience in overcoming childhood trauma and depression serve as your guiding light on the path to spiritual awakening.

Find inspiration in her journey as she breaks free from the grip of antidepressant dependency, embracing holistic living and life coaching to rediscover inner joy.

Karina’s hard-won wisdom, gained through triumphing over adversity, will illuminate your own route to self-empowerment and purpose. This inspirational book shares her roadmap to liberation; use it as a spark for your own profound spiritual reawakening.

Show Notes
About The Guest(s):

Karina Curry is a holistic life guide, author, and certified holistic health coach. She is dedicated to helping others thrive through self-compassion, mindful living, and spiritual growth. Karina’s own journey from rock bottom to rebirth taught her the power of integrative techniques, including meditation and emotional healing. She now guides clients to rediscover their inner light and live a life of greater meaning and joy.


Karina Curry joins Chris Voss on The Chris Voss Show to discuss her book, “Awakening: A Journey from Medication to Meditation,” and her approach to holistic health and wellness. Karina shares her personal journey from struggling with depression and relying on medication to finding lasting change through self-compassion, mindfulness, and spiritual growth. She emphasizes the importance of addressing the mind, body, and spirit in achieving overall well-being. Karina also discusses the benefits of meditation and the use of psychedelics in healing and personal transformation. She offers one-on-one and group coaching services to support individuals in their own journeys of self-discovery and healing.

Key Takeaways:

Holistic health involves addressing the mind, body, and spirit for overall well-being.

Self-love is essential for personal growth and happiness.

Meditation can be a powerful tool for reducing anxiety and depression.

Psychedelics, when used responsibly and with guidance, can aid in healing and personal transformation.

It is important to have open and honest conversations about expectations and values in relationships.


“Holistic means working on the mind, body, and spirit. It’s a total lifestyle change.” – Karina Curry

“You are responsible for your own happiness. Take charge of your own health and life.” – Karina Curry

“Psychedelics are not drugs, they are plant medicine. They can heal and transform.” – Karina Curry

“Marriage should be based on friendship, shared values, and open communication.” – Karina Curry


Karina Cury is a holistic life coach and author. She specializes in empowering her clients to uncover hidden blocks that may be holding them back from their true potential, then guides them to find fulfillment, balance and inner peace.

Many of her clients have suffered from depression and found themselves in a downward spiral of medications, which only masked the issues and made them worse. Through a holistic and personalized compassionate approach, she supports their journey of growth and self-discovery, to free themselves of the chains that have been binding them.