The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Balance Of Power (The Chozien Path Series) by Krystal B Clark

Balance Of Power (The Chozien Path Series) by Krystal B Clark

The Great Spirit has entrusted one special ame (a spirit) to us all: It resides in a child. A child to be groomed in the fashion of his or her order. A child known as the Chozien and sent by the Great Spirit. This child has a heightened ame capable of molding and shifting the way of our world.

Once our study of the spirit language achieved a degree of sophistication, we were able to receive the Great Spirit’s counsel. This instruction calls to the spirit seekers of all orders, advising them that a new Chozien has been born, though his place of origin is always unknown. After one Chozien’s ame has left this world, a new one is born and the cycle begins again, as does the quest to find him—known as the Quête.

The order that finds the Chozien can subsequently disrupt or soothe the world we live in.

The Onyx Order, in the eastern Upperlands, has always coveted the Chozien for themselves. They embrace domination, by which their strength is determined and their numbers multiply. Their order is a constant menace, yet their fear of being overtaken keeps them from maintaining a ruling grip over the other orders.

The order that holds the Chozien can make or break the future. As such, the progress or peril of our days ahead rests upon the shoulders of the order that lays claim to the Chozien.

In this tale, the Great Spirit has called to all orders that a new Chozien has been born. The search has already begun. All have released their finest huntsmen and spirit seekers to find the child.

We can only hope that we are not too late.

Here are some high-level summary notes from The Chris Voss Show podcast interview with author Crystal B. Clark:

Crystal B. Clark is a fantasy author who recently published her debut novel “Balance of Power”, which incorporates her life experiences.

She was sexually abused as a child by a family member, leading to shame and emotional withdrawal. In college she got pregnant and had an abortion she regrets.

Clark became an alcoholic and severely depressed, planning her suicide after her wedding before getting unexpectedly pregnant on her honeymoon.

She built a successful tech career she grew to hate, feeling unfulfilled. Her husband encouraged her to finish writing a book she’d started 20 years prior.

Writing “Balance of Power” allowed Clark to process her trauma through the characters. It’s a spiritual fantasy dealing with internal struggles.

Clark now works as a life coach helping people with career transitions and mental health issues by asking questions and reframing things logically.

Her story and book aim to help others realize they aren’t alone in their pain, and there is meaning to be found in life’s difficulties. Clark hopes readers find their own journey reflected.