The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Be Human, Lead Human: How to Connect People and Performance by Jennifer Nash

Be Human, Lead Human: How to Connect People and Performance by Jennifer Nash

What readers have to say:

“Not your parents’ leadership book” – Kaitlyn H.

“Timely, well organized, and personalized” – Austin A.

“A fresh perspective in an oversaturated market” – Peyton P.

“A must-read for anyone aspiring to lead in today’s complex business environment” – Dan P.

In a post-pandemic world where adaptability, empathy, and human connection have become more important than ever, Dr. Nash’s message is both timely and timeless. Be Human, Lead Human addresses a central issue facing contemporary workplaces: the urgent need for human-centric leadership that fosters engagement, creates connection, and powers performance.

Be Human, Lead Human is more than just a book; it’s a movement. It holds the promise of a new leadership ethos, one that disrupts the status quo and champions humanity at the heart of organizational effectiveness. If you’re ready to lead with courage, empathy, and authenticity, this book is your starting line.

Ready to transform your leadership approach and craft a more empathetic, connected, and effective workplace? Be Human, Lead Human is your indispensable guide. Discover how to bridge the gap between people and performance — because to lead humans, one must first be human.

About the author
Jennifer Nash, PhD, MBA, PCC is a leadership expert and consultant to Fortune 50 organizations such as Google, Ford, Exxon Mobil, JP Morgan, IBM, The Boeing Company, and Verizon. She is Founder & CEO of Jennifer Nash Coaching & Consulting, a leadership advisory firm helping successful leaders connect people and performance to deliver exceptional results.

Jennifer’s 25-year resume includes serving in executive and leadership roles at Deloitte Consulting and Ford Motor Company and as adjunct professor at the University of Michigan. She contributes to Harvard Business Review, has presented her research at Columbia University, and is a Harvard/McLean Institute of Coaching Fellow.