The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Bragg Live Foods CEO Discusses Earth Day and Healthy Living

Bragg Live Foods CEO Discusses Earth Day and Healthy Living

About the Guest(s):
Linda Boardman is the CEO of Bragg Live Foods. She has a degree from Harvard University and began her career with Ocean Spray cranberries. Linda has a long history in the food industry, including working at Whole Foods Market and Applegate Farms. She is passionate about the natural food space and is committed to promoting healthy living through Bragg’s products.

Episode Summary:
Welcome to The Chris Voss Show, where host Chris Voss interviews CEOs, authors, thought leaders, and visionaries. In this episode, Chris interviews Linda Boardman, the CEO of Bragg Live Foods. Bragg is a company with a rich history in the health food industry, founded over a hundred years ago by Paul Bragg. Linda shares the story of Bragg’s origins and its mission to inspire and nourish healthy living. She also discusses the benefits of apple cider vinegar and how Bragg is making it more convenient for people to incorporate into their daily routines. Linda emphasizes the importance of education and providing access to healthy foods, and highlights Bragg’s commitment to organic agriculture and sustainability.

Key Takeaways:

Bragg Live Foods was founded over a hundred years ago by Paul Bragg, a passionate health educator who promoted a healthy plant-based diet, exercise, and the use of apple cider vinegar.
Bragg is committed to providing convenient and innovative products that make it easier for people to incorporate apple cider vinegar into their daily routines.
Apple cider vinegar has been studied for its health benefits, including managing blood sugar spikes, supporting weight management, and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.
Bragg offers a range of apple cider vinegar products, including flavored varieties and convenient capsules, to cater to different preferences and lifestyles.
Bragg is a certified B Corp and is dedicated to promoting organic agriculture, sustainability, and educating people about the benefits of healthy living.

Notable Quotes:
“We really try to look at our drinks and make sure that they’re as healthy as possible and like putting a bunch of sugar in is just really gonna negate the health effect that our consumers are looking for.” – Linda Boardman
“If you can proactively take some vinegar every day in your water and up your greens content with a salad every day, isn’t that a better solution than taking a handful of pills and hoping for the best?” – Linda Boardman