The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Breathwork and Trauma: How Breathing Techniques Can Help Manage Stress and Overcome Trauma

Breathwork and Trauma: How Breathing Techniques Can Help Manage Stress and Overcome Trauma

About the Guest(s):
John Hall is a 30-year Fortune 100 tech leader who left corporate life to focus on cultivating relationships and purpose. With a background in turning around troubled areas within organizations, John specializes in coaching executives and entrepreneurs using a science-backed methodology. He blends neuroscience, breathwork, and somatic practices to help individuals manage stress, boost self-confidence, and unlock their potential. John integrates tactical breathing techniques used by Navy SEALs and top athletes with a trauma-informed approach to reduce anxiety, improve self-trust, and empower individuals to live a life filled with purpose, peace, and passion.

Episode Summary:
In this episode, host Chris Boss interviews John Hall, a 30-year Fortune 100 tech leader turned coach. John shares his personal journey of leaving a high-stress job and an abusive marriage, which led him to explore the mind-body connection and the power of breathwork. He explains how breathwork can be used tactically and strategically to manage stress, improve decision-making, and expand our ability to handle chaos. John also discusses the impact of trauma on our nervous system and how breathwork can help individuals overcome trauma and transform their lives.

Key themes discussed in this episode include the mind-body connection, the physiological effects of breathwork, the impact of stress on decision-making, and the role of breathwork in healing trauma.

Key Takeaways:

Breathwork can be used tactically and strategically to manage stress and improve decision-making.
Deep breathing increases oxygen to the brain and signals the body to calm down, reducing the stress response.
Breathwork can expand our window of tolerance for chaos and help us handle stress more effectively.
The mind-body connection plays a crucial role in our overall well-being and decision-making.
Trauma can overwhelm our nervous system, but breathwork can help individuals heal and transform their lives.

Notable Quotes:

“Successful people don’t have less stress, they just have better stress management tools.” – John Hall
“Our body is sending signals to our mind on what to focus on. Our focus is sending signals back to our body on how to respond.” – John Hall
“Breath equals calm. Pre-training our body with breathwork makes it even more impactful in stressful situations.” – John Hall