The Chris Voss Show Podcast – CES Show 2021 RoboEatz The World’s Most Advanced Autonomous Robotic Kitchen

CES 2021 RoboEatz The World’s Most Advanced Autonomous Robotic Kitchen

NEW YORK, NY: Featuring proprietary technology and powered by AI, RoboEatz’ ARK 03 is the only autonomous robotic kitchen system that prepares, cooks and serves a wide range of made-to-order hot and cold food dishes.

Designed by restaurateurs and aerospace engineers for the food service industry, ARK 03 robotic kitchen brings the benefits of automation, cleanliness & safety, efficiency and menu personalization to the kitchen for a complete, end-to-end solution.

“By bringing state-of-the-art technology into the kitchen, ARK 3 offers unparalleled food safety, operational and cost efficiencies and menu personalization to meet the needs of customers and restauranteurs better than other robotic systems on the market, ” said Alex Barseghian, CEO of RoboEatz.

Product Features:

Autonomous: prepares, cooks and serves a variety of hot and cold meals, self-cleans and sanitizes.
Reduces Food Waste: AI monitors food quality, expiration dates and ingredient supply, less waste = less cost.
Ingredient Storage: Choose from 80 fresh ingredients to create thousands of perfectly portioned and prepared dishes.
Personalization: Easily customized with transparent dietary nutrition count available at your fingertips. ARK 03 is the only robotic kitchen system that cooks and serves a wide range of dishes.
Capacity: Able to create 1,000+ meals before requiring ingredient refill, more than any other system.
Speed: Creates meals in 30 sec+. New menu items added in five minutes.
Food Safety: Provides contamination control against viruses and bacteria through temperature regulation, smart storage and freshness tracking.

“We took our successes and failures from many years in the restaurant business and combined them with our experience in aerospace engineering to deliver a product that solves real problems in the industry and opens a new understanding of how people will be served in decades to come,” said Janis Poruks, Chief Technology Officer of RoboEatz.

The system has been in development over the past three years and is now perfected and available for a wide range of commercial applications. Its autonomous, 24/7 operation and personalization capabilities make it an ideal solution for: quick serve & fast casual restaurants, business campuses and office towers, grocery and convenience stores, airports and transportation hubs, health care facilities, schools, senior living centers and entertainment complexes.

About the Company:
RoboEatz was created by restaurateurs and aerospace engineers to bring the latest technology and innovation to the food service industry. The global team is comprised of mechanical and automation engineers, CAD specialists, chefs and food technologists with decades of experience running restaurants.