The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Creating Social Experiences and Authentic Connections for College Students Creating Social Experiences and Authentic Connections for College Students

About the Guest(s):
Sam Obletz is the co-founder and CEO of Claim, a marketplace that aims to acquire and engage the next generation of shoppers. He previously worked as an investor at Goldman Sachs in New York. Sam holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, a Master in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School, and a BA from Yale. He is passionate about creating authentic and meaningful experiences for consumers and helping brands connect with their target audience.

Episode Summary:
In this episode, host Chris Voss interviews Sam Obletz, the co-founder and CEO of Claim. They discuss the mission of Claim, which is to create easy and affordable memories for college students. Sam explains how Claim connects brands and marketers with college students, a demographic that is often difficult to reach. He highlights the importance of targeting college students as they play a significant role in shaping culture and can become lifelong customers for brands. Sam also shares insights into the challenges facing marketers and how Claim’s unique approach can help solve them. Key topics discussed in this episode include the depersonalization of social media, the power of communal experiences, the value of authentic rewards over traditional ads, and the role of data in helping marketers acquire and retain customers.

Key Takeaways:

Claim aims to create easy and affordable memories for college students by connecting them with brands and marketers.
College students are a valuable demographic for brands as they have significant influence over culture and can become lifelong customers.
Claim’s unique approach focuses on creating communal experiences and offering authentic rewards instead of traditional ads.
By integrating with users’ credit cards or bank accounts, Claim can provide valuable data to marketers while respecting privacy concerns.
Claim’s success is measured by the strong relationships it helps build between customers and brands, leading to repeat business and loyalty.

Notable Quotes:

“We think that there’s been a depersonalization and almost kind of a disillusionment with social media and digital interaction on the consumer side.” – Sam Obletz
“Culture is set at the 18 to 22-year-old demographic, and those moments are created in the college student audience.” – Sam Obletz
“We’re using rewards, not ads. And within rewards, it is almost object-based or product-based. Not math-based.” – Sam Obletz


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