The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Courageous Conversation by Elizabeth Bennett

Courageous Conversation by Elizabeth Bennett

Do you want more meaningful conversations with your teen? Does the fear of them getting into trouble or being bullied keep you up at night? Are you asking yourself if you’ll ever get past monosyllabic responses to your questions about their day? You were a teenager once, but raising a teen today looks very different. You want the best communication to stay connected and to keep your child safe.

In Courageous Conversations, Elizabeth Bennett provides the tools she’s learned and developed as a teacher and school administrator. Through gripping examples from her real-life experience, Elizabeth presents solutions for parents to relate meaningfully with their teens.

Learn how to:

– understand what your teen struggles to tell you

– create formative school connections

– talk through struggles

– reframe behaviours

…. and more.

If you’re raising a teenager and want to truly connect with them and meet them in their space, Courageous Conversations gives you the practical tips and the insight you crave.

About Elizabeth Bennett

With over 35 years of teaching, administration and coaching experience, Elizabeth offers a unique blend of leadership, vision and vast knowledge background. She is a former (retired), award winning principal who has a relentless passion for empowering people to take on their lives with joy and love. Elizabeth is dedicated to sharing her desire to create positive and connected relationships, focusing on community and business leaders, educators and especially parents. (and yes, I even work with teens to help them see alternative perspectives.)