The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Dan Cooper: Based on the Real Story of the Relentless Pursuit of the Northwest Orient Flight 305 Hijacker D.B. Cooper by Jude Morrow

Dan Cooper: Based on the Real Story of the Relentless Pursuit of the Northwest Orient Flight 305 Hijacker D.B. Cooper by Jude Morrow

In the chilling haze of a Pacific Northwest evening, on November 24, 1971, a mysterious man calling himself ‘Dan Cooper’ boards Northwest Orient Flight 305. Armed with a briefcase bomb and dark shades to mask his intent, he swiftly extorts $200,000 along with four parachutes and disappears mid-flight, leaping into the unknown from a Boeing 727’s aft staircase.

Using real case evidence and eye-witness testimonies, Jude Morrow has crafted an authentic and creative duel narrative of why ‘Dan Cooper’, or ‘D.B. Cooper’ as he became popularly known, committed the crime that he did, and the relentless efforts of the FBI to track him down.

Beneath the hijacker’s enigmatic facade lies a past intertwined with rural Canada, service in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and daring aid-drops in war-torn Vietnam.

As the world grapples with his audacious crime, relentless FBI agent Clifford Harding finds himself consumed by the chase for ‘D.B Cooper’. Young, sharp, yet teetering on the edge of obsession, Harding’s pursuit blurs the line between justice and vendetta. With shadows from ‘Dan’s’ past looming and Harding’s intentions growing murkier, one is left to wonder: Who is the real villain in the hijacking? Will Harding unravel the mystery, or become its next casualty?

Show Notes
About The Guest(s):

Jude Morrow is an author and speaker who has written books about his experiences as an autistic child in the mainstream school system. He has also worked as a social worker and in business. Jude’s latest book, “Dan Cooper,” is a historical fiction based on the real story of the DB Cooper hijacking.

Eric Ulis is a former professional card counter and blackjack player. He has a deep interest in the DB Cooper mystery and has been involved in various TV shows and events related to the case. Eric is the organizer and founder of CooperCon, an annual event dedicated to all things DB Cooper.


Jude Morrow and Eric Ulis join Chris Voss to discuss the DB Cooper mystery and Jude’s latest book, “Dan Cooper.” They delve into the details of the hijacking, including Cooper’s demands and the subsequent investigation. Jude explains how he crafted a believable character based on the limited information available about Cooper. Eric shares insights from his research and involvement in the DB Cooper community. They also discuss CooperCon, an annual event that brings together enthusiasts and experts to discuss the case.

Key Takeaways:

DB Cooper was an unknown man who hijacked a plane in 1971, demanded a ransom, and then jumped out of the plane with the money and parachutes.

Cooper’s identity and fate remain a mystery, as he was never found or heard from again.

Cooper’s calm and collected demeanor, lack of profanity, and knowledge of aviation suggest he may have had some experience in the field.

The DB Cooper case continues to captivate people’s imaginations, and events like CooperCon provide a platform for discussion and exploration of the mystery.


“Guy gets on plane. Guy gets money and parachutes. Guy disappears, never to be found or heard from again.” – Chris Voss

“He’s a guy that looks like everybody and sounds like nobody.” – Jude Morrow

“Cooper was a boring old fart, and that’s how he got away with it.” – Jude Morrow

“DB Cooper is a mystery wrapped in an enigma.” – Chris Voss

About the author
Born on the 7th of August 1990 in Derry, Jude Morrow is an autistic best-selling author, TEDx Speaker, and the founder of Neurodiversity Training International. Jude’s debut memoir, Why Does Daddy Always Look So Sad?, won the gold medal at the Living Now Book Awards in 2021. Jude is a touring motivational speaker, demonstrating how autistic people can grow to live happy and successful lives.