The Chris Voss Show Podcast – (dis)Empowered: How I Turned an Academic Death Sentence Into My Life’s Greatest Adventure by Ellen Busch

(dis)Empowered: How I Turned an Academic Death Sentence Into My Life’s Greatest Adventure by Ellen Busch

Despite being raised in a loving family, life had left Ellen Busch traumatized and at her wit’s end. Busch had no home, no job, no relationship, and no hope of having a family.

Even though Ellen escaped from an abusive husband, she was controlled by the unshakable stigma of dyslexia that erased any shred of self-worth. Busch couldn’t see that she was a victim of trauma until one fateful day, on a crowded highway, when she had a moment of realization that would change the trajectory of her life.

(dis)Empowered traces Busch’s journey from a troubled child trapped in an educational system that believed she was broken, to an insecure adult who grasped at each success like a rung on a ladder. But as she climbed, the view never changed because she could not see her own successes. All she saw was a woman who was unworthy, incapable, feeling powerless.

After being deceived into a marriage with a narcissist, left with nothing, she surrendered to a higher power. And in one epiphanic moment, she realized that everything that had happened to her had happened for her.

About the author
Ellen is passionate about helping people who are dyslexic in understanding they are not broken or handicapped. She is committed to supporting women who are in abusive relationships to get the resources they need to get out safely, heal, and create a new life for themselves.

Ellen works in the medical technology industry as an account representative and trainer. She has clinical health care experience as a former certified hyperbaric technician (CHT) and is a former nationally certified emergency medical technician (EMT). In addition, Ellen holds a bachelor’s degree in health science from Northern Vermont University, and a master’s degree (MBA) from Southern New Hampshire University. Ellen also holds an Advanced Open Water scuba certification with 130 logged dives, was a ski instructor (part-time) from 2001-2006, and was named “Ski Instructor of the Year for the Children’s Program” in 2001. Ellen is an avid Alpine and Telemark skier and a hiker who resides in Colorado.