The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Dr. Christine Boev, PhD Prepared ICU Nurse on Health, Wellness, Fitness, and Anti-Aging

Dr. Christine Boev, PhD Prepared ICU Nurse on Health, Wellness, Fitness, and Anti-Aging

Here are some key points from the podcast conversation between Chris Voss and Dr. Christine Boeb:

Gut health is critical for weight loss and overall health. Taking care of your microbiome through diet, supplements, and testing (like Viome) can optimize immunity and digestion.

Estrogenics (chemicals that disrupt hormones) should be avoided – this includes parabens in beauty/hygiene products. They can lead to weight gain and sexual dysfunction in both men and women.

Testosterone optimization is important as we age, for both men and women. Get tested every 6 months and work on lifestyle strategies to keep levels up. This helps with building muscle, libido, and longevity.

Intermittent fasting is a helpful lifestyle approach for weight loss, autophagy, and feeling energized. Be strategic with protein intake during eating window.

Strength training/resistance exercise is essential, especially as we age. It builds critical muscle mass for metabolism and mobility.

Eat whole, unprocessed foods – don’t eat anything with a barcode! Focus on protein, fruits/veggies, healthy fats. Avoid added sugar.

Supplements are important: collagen, vitamin D, magnesium, fish oil. But get testing to customize what you need.

Working with a coach provides accountability, customization, and tough love to form healthy habits. Be ready to work hard and get uncomfortable!


Dr. Boev is a PhD prepared ICU nurse with extensive training and experience with health, wellness, fitness, and anti-aging. Her areas of expertise include metabolic health, supplementation, and use of alternative therapies to enhance cellular health. Her goal is to be able to maintain her current aerobic condition (including handstand pushups) when she is 120 years old!